La Source (Deluxe Edition)

La Source (Deluxe Edition)

The Deluxe Edition includes a digital package of bonus materials which include the following deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes featurettes:

•Deleted Scene: Josue Flees Haiti
•Deleted Scene: Josue Plays the Lotto
•Extended Scene: Waves of Mercy
•Bonus: The Sound and Music of La Source
•Bonus: The Origins of La Source
•Bonus: Documentaries for Social Change

La Source (Deluxe Edition)

7 Videos

  • La Source

    Narrated by Oscar-nominated actor Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda, Crash), in what The Washington Post calls an "artfully shot documentary," La Source tells the uplifting story of Josue Lajuenesse, a Haitian Princeton janitor who returns to his country after the devastating 2010 earthquake to revive hi...

  • Deleted Scene: Josue Plays the Lotto

    In this deleted scene the film crew accompanies Josue on one of his regular visits to the liquor store to pick up a lotto ticket and asks him to share his plans for what he'll do with his winnings.

  • Deleted Scene: Josue Flees Haiti

  • Deleted Scene: Waves of Mercy (extended)

    A more in-depth glimpse into the benefit concert the students at Princeton organized for Josue and the water project in La Source.

  • Bonus: The Origins of La Source

    In this featurette, director Patrick Shen talks about what prompted him to make this film and devote the next several years of his life to seeing it through.

  • Bonus: Brandon Vedder on Social Change

    In this bonus clip, producer Brandon Vedder talks about the power of documentary as a tool for social change.

  • Bonus: The Sound & Music of La Source

    An in-depth look into what it took to craft the soundtrack of La Source. Shot partially on location at the famous Skywalker Sound, this featurette produced by Soundworks Collection includes interviews with award-winning sound designer Steve Bissinger (Netflix's House of Cards, Transformers, 3:10 ...